1-on-1 Coaching Calls

Does any of this sound familiar?

How a coaching call can help:

1-on-1 calls to get you unstuck and moving forward

My coaching calls are perfect for startup leaders just like you who have too many things on their plate to see clearly. You’ve probably experienced this before: you have the answer hidden somewhere in your head, what you need is someone to talk through the problem and faciliate the emergence of your best solution.

I have over a decade of experience leading teams, facilitating group discussions, teaching workshops, and coaching individuals through their challenges.

What you get

  1. Two 75-minute Zoom calls where we will dig into whatever challenge is on your mind.
  2. Audio recordings of the calls for you to own and use however you would like.

How it works

Coaching call agenda

In case you were wondering


The investment is $495.

If the upside value of what you’re working on isn’t a huge multiple of that fee, then this offering probably isn’t for you. However, if you’re an entrepreneur or executive working on a scalable asset and you can’t seem to make progress, these conversations will pay for themselves in a matter of weeks.

You can secure a place on my calendar by making a payment below, but before you do, be sure it’s the right fit ...

If you’re up for that and if you think we’re a fit, here’s the link to my Typeform:

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Brian is a true visionary with a passion for excellence, knowing and communicating current and cutting edge technology and driving exceptional business results for clients. His exuberance and passion for creating and collaborating with his clients is outstanding!

—Jeff Hughes


Brian is the most gifted JTBD expert with whom I have had the opportunity to work. He brings a deep and intuitive appreciation for the outcomes that a user is trying to achieve. Brian’s methodical and thoughtful approach to developing applications is rare and incredibly valuable.

—Ryan Hunter


If you asked me to show you a man I believe will make a legitimate dent in the software product space, I would show you Brian Rhea. You need to spend only 5 minutes with him to understand why. He is the truly rare breed of person who is so interested in you that it could be easy to miss how interesting, accomplished and intelligent he is. He is absolutely a leader among leaders, a brilliant product thinker, and a genuinely good man. I hope you have the chance to interact or collaborate with Brian - you will be better for it.

—Mike Taylor


I have always been impressed by the quality of Brian's work, the personal relationship he fosters, the value, punctuality and creativity he brings to every project. In a nutshell, if you are looking for quality work at good value with on-time deliverables, hire Brian!

—Mark Stone


Brian is creative and clever and that's a must-have combination in the design world. Brian excels in outstanding deliverables and is a great communicator during the process. His enthusiasm is sincere and it shows.

—Kathleen Thompson


Brian is an innovative thinker and creative genius. He has a high level of integrity and is a pleasure to work with.

—Julie Ayala


Brian is a hard worker, committed to whatever he finds himself engaged with and very easy to work with. He encourages others and always leads with a cheerful heart and a great attitude.

—Jennifer Lefforge


Brian is the master of taking a fresh idea, distilling it to its core, and packaging it perfectly for users. The sense of empowerment and raw creativity he creates is something I’ll be searching for the rest of my career.

—Jeff Stephens


Brian is one of the most discriminating product professionals I know. He’s developed a methodical framework for evaluating what features should belong in a product and what features should be killed.

—Jason Hall


Brian is a superstar. He combines abilities: wicked smart, compassionate, able to distill complexity into manageable parts and to explain things in ways people understand. Brian is great with people, outstanding with tech, and a fantastic human.

—Ed Kacic


Brian is one of the most creative thinkers and doers that I know. His ability to generate a concept and then follow through with the execution is admirable. If Brian is on a project, you can trust in the quality and delivery of his participation.

—Brian Dodds


I was fortunate enough to work side by side with Brian for a number of years on a wide variety of projects. His skills and ability to innovate on the fly repeatedly pushed our projects farther than I thought was possible.

—Brett Wagner


Hire Brian Rhea. The dude is seriously creative.

—Brad Feld


Brian is a genius and should be charging $800 an hour for the thoughtfulness and creative leadership he brings to a team. For years now, he's one of my favorite designers to partner with on projects.

—Andy Stone


Brian was detailed and organized, as well as wildly imaginative. The product could not have functioned better, and he did his work quickly, staying in communication with us the whole time. What a pro!

—Shaun O'Reilly