Want to go deeper with your strategy and product design processes? I’ll lead you and your team through a multi-day workshop to understand the concept of disruption, innovation, and how those concepts inform product strategy. 

Empower your team to:

  • Discover opportunities for innovation in new and existing products.
  • Create targeted marketing messages that address your customers’ core Job to Be Done.
  • Find alignment and create a common understanding across silos and functions.

Session 1 : Intro to Jobs to Be Done

Introduction to Jobs Theory, the major players and influencers, and a description of the multiple flavors and approaches to JTBD.

Session 2 : What is a Job to Be Done?

Exercises designed to help practitioners identify and create well-defined examples of a Job to Be Done.

Session 3 : JTBD and Disruptive Innovation

An overview of Clayton Christensen’s theory of disruption, how it relates to JTBD, and how your team can apply these principles to your business.

Brian has a fun, down-to-earth speaking style. He is extremely knowledgable and conveys the information in an easy-to-remember, fun way without being too serious or pretentious.

I’d highly recommend Brian to anyone looking for great speakers. He’s easy to work with, has a great sense of humor, is very genuine, and is enthusiastic about product.


Kim Berls

Principal PM at Oracle

When Brian speaks, it’s obvious he’s the kind of thought-leader who fully immerses himself in the topic because of his own passion, experience and interest.

He adds wisdom gained through his own experience and injects unique perspectives which gently encourage you to reconsider your own understanding.


Chris Alvarez

UX Lead at Derive

Session 4 : Researching Desired Outcomes vs Switching

Exercises designed to introduce students to the differences between interview techniques that focus on customers’ desired outcomes vs. the forces at play when they “hire” or “fire” your product.

Session 5 : Outcome-based Interviews

An introduction to an outcome-based technique to discover the steps within a Job to Be Done.

Session 6 : Analyzing Outcome-based Interviews

Understanding, analyzing, and acting on the information collected from Outcome-based Jobs to Be Done Interviews.

Session 7 : Switch Interviews

An introduction to Switch interviews to uncover the forces of progress your customers experience during the hiring/firing process.

Brian made my job as an event organizer very easy! He was responsive, obviously well-prepared, he has an entertaining sense of humor, and his presentation got great reviews from our attendees!

We wouldn’t hesitate for a second to invite him back.


William Kammersell

Organizer at Rocky Mountain ProductCamp

Brian’s presentations are engaging, thought-provoking, delightful and definitely spark audience engagement. He is an excellent communicator who really knows his stuff and can present it in a way that all people can easily understand.

I highly recommend Brian Rhea as a speaker, as an educator, and as a thought-provoker.


Pattie Kettle

Manager at RefactorU

Session 8 : Analyzing Switch Interviews

Understanding, analyzing, and acting on the information collected from Jobs to Be Done Switch Interviews.

Session 9 : “How Might We…”

Combining the insights gained from the practice interviews, this exercise will guide your team through a process of identifying opportunities for innovative product design.

Session 10 : Action Plan

Exercises to develop an Action Plan for Innovation based on all the insights uncovered in the previous modules.

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Shoot me a message to request more information about the workshop and how we can help your team improve the design process and start making better product decisions.

About Me

I’m a product designer with a background in development. I’ve founded profitable boot-strapped businesses and I was an executive member of a venture-backed and exited startup.

I’ve implemented Jobs-to-Be-Done and other innovation processes in my own businesses and for clients in a variety of industries.