Jobs to Be Done Project Kit

Is your Jobs to Be Done project stalling?

My Jobs to Be Done Kit is the scaffolding you need.

This JTBD Kit is a no-nonsense resource to get you started.

Jobs to Be Done is powerful if you can manage to internalize the theory and put it into practice.

I’ve been studying and tinkering with Jobs to Be Done for years and have struggled to find practical guides and materials that make analyzing the output of a JTBD project simple.

This kit is the product I wish I had when I got started.

What you get:

  1. Video: JTBD Overview
  2. Video: Quantitative & Qualitative Approaches to JTBD
  3. Video: How to Perform Quantitative JTBD Projects
  4. Video: How to Perform Qualitative JTBD Projects
  5. Resource: Quantitative project checklist
  6. Resource: Qualitative project checklist
  7. Resource: Outcome Statement template
  8. Resource: Timeline template
  9. Resource: Email swipe files
  10. Resource: Sample Workshop schedule

How to use the kit:

Introductory Pricing

$149 $45 introductory price.

I’m still developing the JTBD Project Kit, so to reward your loyalty, you can get immediate access for a fraction of the final price.

You’ll make that back many times over in time-savings by the end of the week. Every free article or post you read that doesn’t end with action-oriented, practical steps you can use costs you that much and more.

If you’re looking for a value-packed kit with guidance on which direction to choose and a checklist to follow along the way, this is what you’ve been looking for.

Buy It Now $149 $45

Early Access

When you purchase the kit today, not only will you be getting access to the final version at a drastically reduced price, but you’ll have a chance to be directly involved with the development of the resources. As I’m put the finishing touches on the product, I want to be sure that it delivers so much value that the purchase is a no-brainer. So, I’ll be seeking feedback and input from people like you, the early-adopters.

You will get immediate access to the kit as a work-in-progress (templates, swipe files, and workshop agenda) and you will receive regular updates as I complete the videos and make updates to the resources.

Buy It Now $149 $45



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—Jeff Hughes


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