Make Progress Faster

Customer Insights Package - $6,950

Are you struggling with product growing pains? Are you finding it difficult to collect honest feedback from your customers? Have you finished the list of obvious product revisions and don’t know where to go next?

My Customer Insights Package will deliver the feedback, insights, and guidance you need to make better product decisions faster.

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1-on-1 Coaching Calls - $495

Coaching Calls take place over Zoom and give you the chance to ask me about your biggest challenges. You will get straightforward, actionable advice based on years of experience leading, mentoring, and serving product companies like yours.

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Jobs to Be Done Resource Kit - $49

Learn the tools, tactics, and skills you need to level-up your JTBD process and start improving your product in a matter of days. This kit saves you time by providing the templates, cheat sheets, and swipe files you need to prepare, execute, and analyze top-tier customer interviews.

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Custom Engagement

If you're struggling to start or grow your business, and need a custom solution, I can work with you to craft a solution to help you break through.

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Who is this guy?

Hi, I'm Brian. I'm an entrepreneur with a background in design and development.

I've been an executive member of a venture-backed and exited startup, and I was part of a startup that crashed and burned.

There are lessons to be learned in both success and failure, and I bring those lessons and years of experience to each and every one of my projects.

With years of experience navigating the competing priorities of engineering, product, sales, and customer support, I help companies build products their customers will love.