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Services to Help You Build, Launch, and Grow Your Startup

I offer the following fixed-price packages as an easy place to begin.

90-Minute Strategy Consultation

About to kick off a major initiative and want to make sure your strategy is sound? Are you stuck in the Trough of Sorrow and need help getting out? Want actionable insights from an objective third-party?

Let me help you make progress by thinking through your options and offering a professional, fresh perspective you need to breakthrough.

What's included:
- Video recording of our consultation
- Notes & action items from the call
- Follow-up via email to provide accountability

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Price: $295

Website / Application Teardown

Sometimes you're just too close to the product and you need a fresh set of eyes to offer some perspective. After a few initial conversations with you and your team to understand your goals and your target customer, I'll audit your site and app to uncover the flaws that are standing in the way of growth.

The action plan I deliver will give your team the focus and clarity needed to start making giant leaps forward.

What's included:
- Video recording of our initial consultations
- Screencasts with screen-by-screen analysis
- Action plan with clear next steps

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Price: $2,495

Product Validation & Customer Interviews

You know you should be doing customer interviews, but you're unable to find the time or you don't have the expertise. I will bring my years of experience building startups and staying close to customers to deliver the insights you need to build and grow your startup.

What's included:
- Audio recording of six customer interviews
- Detailed notes and analysis
- Action plan with recommendations

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Price: $4,995

Onsite Jobs to Be Done Training

If your product team is integrating the Jobs to Be Done framework, I can lead your team through the core concepts and establish shared terminology.

Topics that are covered include:

- What is JTBD?
- Why apply JTBD?
- What are examples of JTBD?
- Understanding your customers’ JTBD
- Identifying opportunities within the Job
- Translating customer needs into product opportunities
- Understanding the Forces of Progress
- Conducting JTBD interviews

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Price: $12,995 for groups 10 and below (contact me for large-group pricing)

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