Jobs to Be Done Workshop for Startups

You’re not alone.

Have you discovered Jobs to Be Done but still find yourself struggling to prepare and conduct customer interviews for a JTBD project?

My Jobs to Be Done Workshop will jumpstart your team's product process

Empower your team to:

Your onsite workshop will cover:

Session 1: An Intro to the Jobs to Be Done Framework

Introduction to Jobs Theory, the major players and influencers, and a description of the multiple flavors and approaches to JTBD.

Session 2: What is a Job to Be Done?

Exercises designed to help practitioners identify and create well-defined examples of a Job to Be Done.

Session 3: Researching Desired Outcomes vs Switching

Exercises designed to introduce students to the differences between interview techniques that focus on customers' desired outcomes vs. the forces at play when they "hire" or "fire" your product.

Session 4: Outcome-based Interviews

An introduction to an outcome-based technique to discover the steps within a Job to Be Done.

Session 5: Analyzing Outcome-based Interviews

Understanding, analyzing, and acting on the information collected from Outcome-based Jobs to Be Done Interviews.

Session 6: Switch Interviews

An introduction to Switch interviews to uncover the forces of progress your customers experience during the hiring/firing process.

Session 7: Analyzing Switch Interviews

Understanding, analyzing, and acting on the information collected from Jobs to Be Done Switch Interviews.

Session 8: JTBD and Disruptive Innovation

An overview of Clayton Christensen's theory of disruption, how it relates to JTBD, and how your team can apply these principles to your business.

Session 9: Action Plan

Exercises to develop an Action Plan for innovation based on all the insights uncovered in the previous sessions.

How it works

  1. We'll schedule a discovery call to understand your specific objectives and goals.
  2. Find mutually available dates to schedule the 1.5-day workshop.
  3. I'll send a follow-up email outlining the goals we discussed to confirm alignment.
  4. If needed, we can schedule additional team introductions via Zoom prior to onsite.
  5. Workshop delivered onsite at the location of your choice.

Discovery call agenda

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