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Hi! I'm Brian Rhea. I deliver the product insights you're looking for with Jobs to Be Done.

I help early-stage SaaS startups and innovation teams understand their customers' Jobs-to-be-Done and develop products that meet their needs.

By using the JTBD framework, I can provide actionable insights that drive product development and lead to better business outcomes.

I've worked with innovation teams at companies like LEGO, Minecraft, and Sphero to conduct, analyze, and quantify customer insights using Jobs to Be Done.

This is how I work.

1. Qualitative interviews I interview your customers to dig into their Job to Be Done.

With years of experience in customer research and consulting, I've developed a comprehensive approach to customer interviews that sets my services apart from the competition. My in-depth interviews go beyond the average product-oriented questions and provide valuable insights into how customers view your product and what they get from it.

By understanding what your best customers want and need, I can help you optimize your product offering, improve your messaging, and create a better customer experience overall. If you're looking for a consultant with the experience and skills to deliver real results, look no further.

Hire Brian Rhea. The dude is seriously creative.

Brad Feld
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2. Quantitative surveys We use the interview output to build a job map and customer survey

Using the insights gained from the interviews, I'll develop a job map that identifies between 75-150 moments in your customer's JTBD that could be an opportunity for product innovation.

From there, we'll work together to narrow that number down to ~20-40 statements that we'll use to create a customer survey. The survey will be sent to a larger base of customers, providing additional insights into their needs, desires, and pain points related to the job to be done.

With these insights, I'm able to deliver practical, actionable recommendations that can help you create products that solve real problems and meet customer needs. If you're looking for a consultant with the skills and expertise to deliver valuable insights and drive the growth of your business, my JTBD consulting services are the perfect fit.

Brian is one of the most discriminating product professionals I know. He’s developed a methodical framework for evaluating what features should belong in a product and what features should be killed.

Jason Hall
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3. Practical insights I visualize the survey data to reveal big opportunities

You won't just receive a pile of data from customer surveys - you'll also receive expert analysis and insights that reveal big opportunities for your business. I'll visualize the survey data to show which parts of the job are important but have unsatisfactory solutions.

But I don't stop there. Different segments of your market will have different priorities, which is why I use statistical computing to perform a cluster analysis on the data to reveal segments of your market that may be highly underserved. This provides deeper insights into the needs and desires of your customers, allowing you to optimize your product offering and create a better customer experience overall.

With my expert analysis and insights, you can feel confident in your decisions and know that you're making data-driven choices that will help drive the growth of your business. If you're looking for a consultant with the skills and expertise to help you make sense of customer data and drive real results, my JTBD consulting services are the perfect choice.

Brian is a genius and should be charging $800 an hour for the thoughtfulness and creative leadership he brings to a team. For years now, he’s one of my favorite designers to partner with on projects.

Andy Stone
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