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Build better products faster.

My Jobs to Be Done expertise will help you:

  • Prioritize with confidence
  • Understand your customers
  • Improve marketing and positioning
  • Align stakeholders

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Feeling clueless about your customers' real needs and motivations?

Are you tired of these problems?

  • Chaotic Roadmaps. Indecisive about feature prioritization.
  • Product Misalignment. Building features that don't resonate with users.
  • Weak Messaging. Struggling to communicate your product's real value.
  • High Churn. Unable to grasp why customers leave.
  • Misaligned Teams. Stakeholders and teams on different pages.
  • Weak Sales Pitches. Unable to connect with potential customers' real needs.

I can help!

  • Deep Customer Insights. Understand why customers hire your product.
  • Strategic Roadmaps. Prioritize based on genuine customer jobs-to-be-done.
  • Impactful Releases. Only build what matters most to your market.
  • Spot-on Marketing. Deliver messages that hit home.
  • Boosted Retention. Tackle pain points head-on, keeping customers loyal.
  • Unified Vision. Align your entire organization around the customer's core needs.
  • Sales Mastery. Engage prospects with pitches that solve their real problems.

I've helped innovative teams all over the world implement Jobs to Be Done. Here is how I can help you:

Research Done for You

Looking for an experienced pro to conduct JTBD research for you?

I'll conduct comprehensive JTBD research tailored to your product, providing actionable insights that uncover your users' core needs and motivations.

Get Started

1:1 Coaching

Personalized guidance tailored to your unique challenges.

Whether you're a startup founder or a product manager, I'll work alongside you, imparting expert knowledge and techniques to master the intricacies of JTBD.

Level Up

Team Training

Elevate your entire team's proficiency in the JTBD framework.

Through interactive workshops and hands-on exercises, I'll equip your team with the skills they need to consistently make customer-centric decisions that drive growth.

Evolve Your Team

Are you an agency or consultancy looking to add JTBD to your service offerings? I work as a "white-label resource" with teams like yours to help you deliver more value to your clients on a project basis. Let's talk!

I've helped business leaders in Product, Design, Engineering, Sales, and Operations acheive their goals.

“Hire Brian Rhea. The dude is seriously creative.”

Brad Feld
Managing Director, Foundry Group

“Working with Brian has been a gamechanger for us! He takes the guesswork out of innovation research!"”

Sabine Müller
Research & Insights Lead, LEGO Ventures

“Brian is the most gifted product strategist I've worked with in my career, and the things he taught us greatly impacted how I think about venture building today. He's extremely professional, very pleasant, and reliable.”

Anders Søndergaard
CEO, Coana

“Brian is a genius. The thoughtfulness and creative leadership he brings to a team is unparalleled.”

Andy Stone
Director of Digital Experience, NetApp

“Brian's skills and ability to innovate on the fly repeatedly pushed our projects farther than I thought was possible.”

Brett Wagner
Founder, Sidecar

“Brian is one of the most creative thinkers and doers that I know. His ability to generate a concept and then follow through with the execution is admirable. If Brian is on a project, you can trust in the quality and delivery of his participation.”

Brian Dodds
VP Sales, Dash Solutions

“Brian is a superstar. He is wicked smart, compassionate, able to distill complexity into manageable parts and to lead us through JTBD in ways our team could understand.”

Ed Kacic
President, Irvine Health Foundation

“Brian is one of the most discriminating product professionals I know. He's developed a methodical framework for evaluating what features should belong in a product and what features should be killed.”

Jason Hall
Managing Partner, S&H Captial

“Brian is a true visionary with a passion for excellence, knowing and communicating current and cutting edge technology and driving exceptional business results for clients. His exuberance and passion for creating and collaborating with his clients is outstanding!”

Jeff Hughes
Creative Design Director, United Airlines

“Brian is the master of taking a fresh idea, distilling it to its core, and packaging it perfectly for users.”

Jeff Stephens
Director of Engineering, ONEHOPE Wine

“I have always been impressed by the quality of Brian's work, the personal relationship he fosters, the value, punctuality and creativity he brings to every project.”

Mark Stone
Founder, The Info Group

“Brian is a leader among leaders, a brilliant product thinker, and a genuinely good man. I hope you have the chance to interact or collaborate with Brian - you will be better for it.”

Mike Taylor
Head of Client Experience, Real Kinetic

“Brian is the most gifted JTBD expert with whom I have had the opportunity to work. He brings a deep and intuitive appreciation for the outcomes that a user is trying to achieve. Brian's methodical and thoughtful approach to developing applications is rare and incredibly valuable.”

Ryan Hunter
Chief Revenue Officer, Spherex

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