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I help product managers, marketers, and founders use AI to make better product decisions.

  • Understand your customers
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    Struggling to integrate AI into your product development process?

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    • Feeling Overwhelmed. Navigating AI complexities without guidance, leading to stress.
    • Lack of Recognition. Hard work on AI initiatives goes unrecognized.
    • Doubting Your Leadership. Uncertainty in your ability to lead AI innovation.
    • Feeling Stagnant. Stuck without expanding your AI network or knowledge.
    • Creative Block. AI integration challenges stifling team creativity.
    • Insecurity and Uncertainty. Fear that AI decisions may not lead to success.

    It doesn't have to be that way.

    • Enhanced Problem-Solving. Leverage AI to tackle complex issues with innovative solutions.
    • Affirmed Leadership. Strengthen your leadership in driving AI innovation.
    • Inspiring Creativity. Encourage team creativity and innovation in AI.
    • Accelerated Learning Curve. Speed up team learning and adaptation to AI technologies.
    • Increased Competitive Edge. Utilize AI for a significant advantage over competitors.
    • Empowered with Confidence. Navigate AI complexities with ease, reducing stress.

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    I've helped innovative teams all over the world make better product decisions using Jobs to Be Done. Now it's time to step up your product game with AI + JTBD.

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    • Quickstart ChatGPT Prompts for JTBD
    • Forces of Progress for ChatGPT
    • Beginner's Guide to JTBD Interviews
    • JTBD Resource Library

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    • Better Prompts for Better Results
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    • Interview Analysis
    • Research Prep Essentials
    • Advanced Transcript Analysis
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    • Developing Hypotheses
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