Is your startup struggling with product growing pains?

If you’re asking yourself these questions:

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Hire Brian Rhea. The dude is seriously creative.

—Brad Feld


Brian is a genius and should be charging $800 an hour for the thoughtfulness and creative leadership he brings to a team. For years now, he's one of my favorite designers to partner with on projects.

—Andy Stone


Brian is a superstar. He combines abilities: wicked smart, compassionate, able to distill complexity into manageable parts and to explain things in ways people understand. Brian is great with people, outstanding with tech, and a fantastic human.

—Ed Kacic


When we work together, you won't be getting a "Yes Man" or an order taker. If that's what you're looking for, you want to hire Upwork.

If you want someone with a range of valuable experiences, someone who:

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I’ve been fortunate to work with some incredible teams from companies that you’ll recognize:

I’ve also had the pleasure of working with companies you don’t know yet.

Folks trying to disrupt health care, change the family history industry in the US, and enable educators to create interactive teaching tools for their students.

If you're an early-stage founder, working to get your idea off of the ground, you're my people.


Brian is the most gifted UX expert with whom I have had the opportunity to work. He brings a deep and intuitive appreciation for the outcomes that a user is trying to achieve. Brian’s methodical and thoughtful approach to developing applications is rare and incredibly valuable.

—Ryan Hunter


Brian is the master of taking a fresh idea, distilling it to its core, and packaging it perfectly for users. The sense of empowerment and raw creativity he creates is something I’ll be searching for the rest of my career.

—Jeff Stephens


Brian is one of the most discriminating product professionals I know. He’s developed a methodical framework for evaluating what features should belong in a product and what features should be killed.

—Jason Hall

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