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Using AI to Streamline JTBD Research

Can AI help you improve your product with better research? Absolutely. Watch this video for a taste.

Discover how ChatGPT can revolutionize your approach to understanding customer needs, crafting marketing strategies, and driving innovation within your organization.

What's covered?

  • LLM Basics: Master the fundamentals for effective AI integration.
  • Better Prompts for Better Results: Enhance outcomes with expert prompting techniques.
  • Hands-on ChatGPT for JTBD: Direct application of ChatGPT in identifying and analyzing jobs to be done.
  • Interview Analysis: Unlock insights with efficient interview data examination.
  • Research Prep Essentials: From identifying job performers to creating comprehensive job maps and outcome statements.
  • Advanced Transcript Analysis: Techniques for hacking ChatGPT 3.5, using simple mode in ChatGPT 4, and leveraging Google Colab's advanced features.
  • Copywriting Mastery: Craft messages that resonate and convert.
  • Developing Hypotheses: Foundation for innovative product development.
  • Q&A: In the recording, I answer questions from attendees about their most pressing concerns.
  • ... and much more

Who should buy access?

This workshop is perfect for product managers, marketers, founders, and researchers eager to integrate AI into their toolkit for uncovering deep customer insights and fostering innovation that resonates.

What will you get?

  • Exclusive Recording Access: You'll get access to a privately listed YouTube video, allowing you to watch the workshop at your leisure.
  • Curated ChatGPT Prompts: Receive a markdown file filled with refined ChatGPT prompts I've developed over the past year, enhancing your ChatGPT interactions.
  • Advanced Interview Analysis Tool: Gain access to a Google Colab document with pre-coded interview analysis tools. Dive into advanced data analysis with no coding required on your part.

Gain Immediate Access to AI & JTBD Research Insights

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Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your JTBD research with AI. Your journey towards more insightful, efficient, and impactful customer understanding starts here.

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