Jobs to Be Done Resource Library

Are you stuck trying to implement JTBD into your company's design process?

Would you like to facilitate a JTBD training session or workshop for your company but don't know where to begin?

Get free lifetime access to my personal Jobs to Be Done Resource Library and level-up your skills and resources in minutes!

What's Included?

1. JTBD Interview Resources

All the templates, worksheets, and emails I use to plan and execute a suite of customer interviews, including:

2. JTBD Workshop Resources

An outline of the agenda and schedule I use as the baseline for planning and organizing a JTBD workshop, plus a handy checklist of the supplies you'll want to make sure you have on hand.

3. JTBD Presentation

The JTBD presentation I've delivered at conferences, workshops, meetups, and in private engagements to professionals from Twitter, Oracle, SendGrid and more.

4. Book Summaries (in progress)

Notes and key takeaways of Must-Read JTBD titles.

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Who is this guy?

Hi, I'm Brian. I'm an entrepreneur with a background in design and development.

I've been an executive member of a venture-backed and exited startup, and I was part of a startup that crashed and burned.

There are lessons to be learned in both success and failure, and I bring those lessons and years of experience to each and every one of my projects.

With years of experience navigating the competing priorities of engineering, product, sales, and customer support, I help companies build products their customers will love.