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Professional expertise and experience to drive your product's success.

  • Get rid of chaotic roadmaps
  • Reduce high customer churn
  • Stop building features that flop
  • Fix misalignment across your teams
  • Improve ineffective marketing campaigns

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With over a decade's experience with global teams, I've refined my process to deliver insights you can use.

Here's what to expect

Week 1


The best partnerships start with understanding. Our kickoff focuses on learning the ins and outs of your business so I can fully support your success.

Collaborative Strategy
We'll have an open discussion to align on your business goals, ideal customers, and the key questions you need answered.
Experience Your Business Firsthand
During a day of ridealongs, I'll get invaluable insights from your frontline team members who directly engage with customers.
Recruit Your Ideal Participants
We'll leverage our access to an extensive panel to recruit engaged participants or work with your team to recruit existing customers.
Weeks 2 & 3


I conduct in-depth customer interviews so you can base decisions on real human insights, not assumptions. This leads to products and messaging that powerfully resonate.

10 Interviews
With customers representing your target segments for diversity of thought
50 Minute Conversations
In comfortable settings that encourage authentic sharing
Dig Deep
Drawing out their emotions, motivations, and unspoken needs so you can address pain points
Listen Closely
Capturing telling quotes and phrases you can use in your messaging
Convert Learnings into Action
I highlight key insights you can implement to delight customers and grow revenue
Weeks 4 & 5


I supplement interviews with surveys to quantify insights at scale. This indicates which needs are most prevalent so you can prioritize accordingly.

Strategic Survey Design
Crafting probing questions based on our interview discoveries
Large Representative Sample
At least 400 responses from your target segments for statistical significance
In-Depth Analysis
Pinpointing which customer needs and pain points are most widespread
Insight Validation
Highlighting opportunities to align your whole company around
Week 6


I deliver an Insights Playbook so you can start improving customer experiences right away. This enables data-driven decision making across your organization.

Opportunity Dashboard
Interactive, quantified view of biggest customer needs and pain points
Customer Clusters
Segmented market analysis based on motivations, attitudes, and satisfaction
Job Map
50-100 desired outcomes
Messaging Framework
Guidelines for conveying your relevancy to customers
Interview Transcripts
Full text from interviews

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I've helped business leaders in Product, Design, Engineering, Sales, and Operations acheive their goals.

Ready to level up your product?