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Build Innovative Products with JTBD

"I think I get Jobs to Be Done in theory, but, so what? How do I use it to make product decisions?"

I hear that all the time from prospects and clients.

Maybe you've even uttered those words yourself.

Practical JTBD

I’ve been focusing my consulting work for the past year on making Jobs to Be Done practical. JTBD research you can actually use.

The result is a Jobs to Be Done app that combines research, cluster analysis, and product strategy into one toolkit.

Jobs to Be Done Survey Tool

JTBD survey analysis

In the past, you’d need to hire a six-figure Silicon Valley agency to get a deliverable with this level of JTBD-focused analysis.

Now, simply import your survey data and see the results in seconds.

Who is this for?

If you’re a JTBD practitioner or work on a team that uses JTBD, this app will save you countless hours and improve your product research process the first time you login.

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Step up your product game

I've helped innovative teams all over the world make better product decisions using Jobs to Be Done. Now it's time to step up your product game with AI + JTBD.

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